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This sport started it all by accident. Motocross has taken me to a world I didn't even know existed just a year ago. Capturing images from our own local track, Mapleshade, Catch' "em" MX and TV Land. To shots of pro national riders at tracks including High Point WV. and Unadilla NY. Please visit my Motocross page and enjoy. See you in a few months around the MX tracks. 

Mason Dixon GNCC Pro Nationals, 2019

Mason Dixon GNCC Pro Nationals, 2019

High School Athletics

I was once ask "why do you do this". What is the purpose of walking the sidelines at soccer games, sitting on the wrestling mat and crowding myself on the basketball court to get these images. I do it because high school athletes only have a small window of time in their lives to compete. Three, four seasons if your one of the lucky and gifted athletes. I watched my own son, Chase, play baseball at a state championship level. However I didn't learn how to use this stupid box that captures light soon enough. All high school digital downloads are free. I don't want to capitalize on high school  sports. Life is hard enough paying to play, Don't pay to remember. All prints are available for purchase separately. Thank you and see you on the field or courts. 

Portrait and Special Event

Please contact me for any portrait and special event photography. I want to capture your prom, senior portraits, homecoming, outdoor candid, engagements and wedding photography.

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