Logan Hunt and Chelsea Donato

It's a Girl

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Logan and Chelsea

Thank you for asking me to shoot your Baby reveal. Please see the attached gallery. I have turned on downloads so please download them and use them as you wish. If you would like any prints made you can either purchase them directly through this site or just let me know what prints you wish to have and I can print them in house.

I am sorry it took so long. Had a huge backlog of pictures to edit and print.

See you both soon and let me know if you want any more shots. I am deeply interested in shooting Chelsea's maternity shots.

Click the below photo to access these pictures


Scott Elmquist

Maternity Portraits, 8-14-2021

Maternity Portraits 8-14-2021

Please click the photo to access our shoot from Saturday August 14th. Please contact me with any questions you may have. 

Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your day.  I have turned on downloads, please feel free to download images and post on any social media you wish. If you could please tag, mention me on posts. 

Also prints are available. I would like to handle the prints in house rather than purchasing from this site. Just mark what ones  you would like and put in comments any sizes and quantity you would like.


Scott Elmquist


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