It has been brought to my attention by several people that the Link is not working for my website. It took me several days to figure out what was going on. On my picture forms there is  a link to this address,  my SmugMug site. Yes, I still use this site but it is now nothing but a image server and a customer access point once a link has been shared by me. I totally forgot to take that web address off of my paper order forms before they were sent to coaches for Highschool fall sports. 

I shoot a lot of private family, children, maternity  individual and product photo sessions. I feel these images should be considered private and the owner has the rights to share that link if they want to make it public. I realize that high school sports may not be considered "private" however I was ask last year to take a student athlete off my website. So I feel this new method makes even student and youth athletics fall into a private photo category. 

Here is how it works. After a photo session and my images have been edited and ready for release you will receive a link to your related sports page within this site. From there you can browse, download, purchase and share. 

I apologize for the confusion and when the dust settles from the fall sports and senior portrait rush I will get some public pages posted. Until then you can visit for updates. 

Thank you

Scott Elmquist

Allegheny Lucid


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